Skills a Good Project Manager Needs

Before you jump on to the role of a Project Manager and/or consider any globally recognized project management certifications like PMP® , PRINCE2 etc - You need to find answer to this critical question?

"What are the key skills a Good Project Manager Needs to excel at Work and Ensure Rewarding Career?"

The other way to look at it is – What Skills organizations expect in their Project Managers? Generally in organizations, the domain/subject matter expert is automatically considered to be the best person for Project Manager position.

For example in an IT company, a person with good and sound technical background is considered a suitable candidate for upcoming PM requirement. Likewise, in a Construction or Oil & Gas company, an experienced engineer becomes an automatic choice.

Well, but that’s not the case always...Apart from domain (or technical skills), a project manager is supposed to have host of other qualities as well. Let us take a brief look at them...

Planning and Effective Visualization Skills

Successful People always recommend - Whatever you tend to do, spend a little time planning it.

Few people disagree – To them, at the very outset, the time spent in planning may look like a waste of time, and they may say something like this - “If you really wish to learn swimming then just jump, try a bit, and you’ll learn”.

But hold on. There is a difference. Swimming is an individual task where less of teamwork is required (just some basic tips and guidance) and you yourself are sponsor as well as key stakeholder. So not much people are involved as you can see.

But in a typical project, be it any industry, so many people are involved. You have customers to satisfy, you have budget to meet, you have quality and time line to adhere to, and so on and so forth. So its one big team work and to make things more complex, nowadays the projects are spread across countries and continents (with obviously different time zones and work habits). In such a scenario, it becomes absolutely essential to have a good Project Plan in place (or a Project Manager with good planning capabilities!)

Planning is a skill set and requires consistent practice and focus to master. It tends to become better with time and experience. One can safely say that more experienced a person is, the better he or she can plan. Or for that matter he or she can be a good reviewer for business case of his expertise. A person with good planning skills is able to make the plan that is close to real condition, and that's way working out on budget requirements are quite near to actually bringing no surprises in end.

In fact, it has been seen that the companies who have more detailed and practical plan in hand tend to impress the customer and at the end have higher chances of winning the order then the ones whose project plans are primitive and bookish in nature.

Influencing and Negotiation Skills

Every body has been the part of negotiation, one time or the other. Whether its salary expectation in a job interview or buying something from small shops where bargaining is more often than not, a norm.

Negotiation skill carries more importance than we think. The reason is pretty straightforward. A good (or hectic) negotiation seems to makes the deal interesting and impressive for both buyer and seller. At the end of the day it tends to create a Win – Win situation for both with desired outcomes. If a deal is not properly negotiated then it could result in Win – Loose or Loose – Win situation, which is least desirable.

To make matters and business cases feasible and of course profitable, one has to work on this skill set. Typically more than theoretical knowledge, this skill set needs some practical inputs. While negotiating, you might be required to give examples of previous or ongoing deals, or simply explain a break up of work activities to convince the person. In fact it has been said by industry veterans that a person with good convincing skills can possibly negotiate better deals.

Whether one needs to convince the other party on quality guidelines or time limits permissible, a proper case needs to be build up and presented. A good negotiator is a person with solid grasping powers so that he or she is able to understand the other person's strong points and weaknesses, and somehow pursue the argument in a direction appropriate for both.

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